ABC is a language for describing music information created by Chris Walshaw. Actually Chris has a website called The ABC Homepage with a lots of music transcribed in ABC format, applications for use ABC and tutorials.

I use ABC for arranging music for my jazz band, for my saxophone quartet and for my rock band. You can download all my transcriptions and arrangements for here.

Thanks to Christoph Dalitz (creator of abctab2ps) for suggesting this project. And thanks to Seymour Shlien (creator of Runabc and who I'm consider my mentor) for Runabc and all his help.

I shall appreciate all comments and bug reports.

ABCXV Is a TCL script for voice extracting. Allows to extract a single voice from a multivoice staff. It's very simple.
ABCMR Is a TCL script designed to convert a sequence of whole rests into one multimeasure rest. Zn for abcm2ps and abctab2ps (1.4.0) and "n"zn' for abc2ps, yaps and jaabc2ps. This feature is useful when you extract a single part from a score.
ABCRA Is a TCL script for changing double sharps and double flats for naturals. I know that it's incorrect but makes music easier to read.
ABCPE Is a TCL script that manage ABCXV, ABCMR, ABCRA and ABC2ABC (for transposing). It requires these programs to work.
RUNABC-EX Is a modified version of Seymour Shlien's Runabc with Extract Part and Rest Compressing feature.

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